Published on Friday, January 27th, 2017 in Startup

2017 is the year of the maker💡.

It’s the year of self-fulfillment❣️.

It’s the year of owning up to your dreams and desires ☁️️.

It’s the year of the rooster and the year of screaming your head off about what you want out of life 🐓.

Enter the year of the product(s)

This year I’m going to launch 12 monetised products – one a month. All of my products are going to be aimed at the subject I teach at my University – Entrepreneurship (in the Digital Domain).

Building entrepreneurship products for entrepreneurs to use so I can teach an Entrepreneurship class. How very meta.

So far I’ve got a plan that includes 3 products – one a month up until March, and I’ve spent the past 2 months developing this month’s product, and boy did I just scrape it into something I can be proud of in time.

January 🍨

The launch this month is called Poplink and it lets you add a custom lead generation form onto the links you share.  Poplink aims to close the gap at exists at the end of content distribution when you share a quality to your fans and followers and they click away, going about their busy day or consuming content.

If they really enjoy it, Poplink lets you slide in with a little message after a set time period (like 60 seconds) saying “hey – you like this? Here’s something else that’s super cool. Come back to me.” Or something along those lines… it’s up to you.

It’s a pretty simple concept that relies heavily on being two things;

  1. It must be beautiful
  2. It must be unobtrusive

It’s almost the end of the month but we’ve got a beta up and running, and because this product took so many man hours of custom coding and prettifying, the monetisation strategy is that you sign up, you get a special account for life for free.

If you want to upgrade to our regular account when we remove beta (which we’ll regularly be charging $79/month), then you pay a one-off fee of $300 and it’s yours for life.

Sign up here with the promo code mmmmmbop (because everyone needs a little Hansen brothers wistfulness in their lives).

February 📆

Come back in Feb for an update. I’ll give you a little hint on what’s going to be launching… something to do with improving your website rankings.

Up, up and away! ✌️️

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Launching 12 products in 12 months 🚀

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