Today is a sad day, well I should say last week was a sad week. That’s because one of my favourite Pinterest tools – Pingraphy has shut down for reasons unknown (they’ve been awfully quiet). was nothing short of a miracle for one of the highwest traffic driving platforms on the web. I use Pinterest for several (actually ALL  now that I think of it) of my clients’ online presences and this tool (which came with a bookmarklet) would pin several images at once and included the ability to schedule pins – something that has been invaluable when managing several accounts.

What’s wrong with Pinterest

Pinterest is a great tool to create mood boards, distribute content and create a buzz – and with 7 million members you’d think it would add some needed features but it is seriously lacking in several areas:

  • No post scheduling
  • No multiple account management
  • No auto Tweeting or Facebook sharing (a feature they removed in their latest update to their bookmarklet)
  • No filters or editing of images when pinning
  • No pinning of unique content (like music tracks from Soundcloud)

Many of these features were resolved thanks to a nice little company that made a lot of social media managers happy (librarians too).


Filling a gap in the market

I (along with many others) was a die-hard fan of the service that filled such a crucial gap in the behemoth that is Pinterest’s service. I’ve recommended it several times and was even going to include it in my upcoming How to Become a Social Media Manager online video course but now find myself frantically searching for an alternative.


Pingraphy alternatives


So far I haven’t found one service that covers the areas that Pingraphy did but here’s how we can substitute until; they’re either back up (hopefully Pinterest bought them) or someone comes up with the idea to create a similar (identical would be nice) service. Oh, and did I mention it was free?

UPDATE: Pingraphy is BACK under the new name Viraltag. While not free any more (I know a lot of you have been asking for a free service but if software really fulfils a need, it shouldn’t be free) the service does look like it does everything you’ll need, with bulk uploading as the core of their service.

viral tag

I’ve had trouble logging in / signing up and I’m 100% sure I trust the upkeep of the service any more to be honest so be careful (and read on)!

1. Reachli – formerly Pinerly now 10alike(?)

Pinerly scheduled pins and gave you an analytics dashboard where you could follow or unfollow accounts.

2. Pinstamatic (paid)

With a slick design, Pinstamatic is a good tool for adding more than just images to your pins and fills the gap left by unique content creators for websites like Soundcloud. You can

  • Put quotations on your boards to grab the interest and attention of other Pinterest users
  • Share your favourite music and let your friends play songs directly from your board
  • Add a clickable map of your company’s location to your corporate board

3. Curalate (paid)

For heavy pinners and board addicts, Curalate offers analytics (for Instagram too – but there’as a thousand free iPhone apps that do that) and scheduling. the only problem? It looks like they got too big for their britches and now only offer ‘enterprise’ plans with no clear indication of how much they cost. That and their ‘get more information’ form has 8 too many fields – guys com’on, a single email field is enough.

3(and a half). Pin4Ever (paid – cheapest)

Pin4Ever may seen like a hastily built tool that jumped in to fill the missing feature gap, but hey, that’s exactly what we needed! And while this is a service that really wants you to pay, their most expensive plan (the one with the bulk uploading) is still cheaper than Viraltag’s lowest plan spread out over 12 months. Watch the video below for more on Pin4Ever.

The (free) search continues

If you know of any others or have any comments about the alternative services I’d love to hear them. I’m going to mourn the loss of my beloved Pingraphy by stuffing an Easter egg in my mouth while manually pinning for the next 5 hours…

UPDATE: I’m in love with ViralTag as the best Pingraphy alternative (because it’s the same company!). Read more here.

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