I’m currently trying to get to page one on Linkedin’s search results for ‘social’. By craftily modifying my profile, I believe it is possible to move from page three (current) to number one! Let’s try it out.


Step one, add the word ‘social’ to my title, current and past work experience.

Step two, amend my summary so that more keywords are indexed that refer to ‘social’.

Step three, add ‘skills’ section to reflect my achievements and experiences on my profile. Complete skills section with at least five different references to ‘social’.

Step four, create a group with the name ‘social’ in it. Now, because the competition is too high for this particular keyword, I’m going to skip this step but I would recommend it to you if you are trying to index your ‘niche’ keyword.

Step five, get recommendations. And the best way to get is to give. Oh internet guilt!

UPDATE (4 days later)

After carefully curating the keyword content on my Linkedin profile, I have risen a two spaces when searching “social”, four spaces when searching “social media” and I am now number three out of 351,107 results when searching “social media manager”. These increases can be explained by the amount of competition the terms receive. With search results producing 2,046,429 results (‘social’) and 698,001 results (โ€˜social media’), the clear lesson here is to stick with moderately specific search terms that are applicable to you and which can result in a competitive advantage.


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