As an advisor to a Twitter tool that uses Klout, Peer Index and Kred to augment influence in a marketing setting, I’m all too familiar with engagement scoring and it’s real-world ramifications (which are rare, and usually tell you a lot more about the person asking ‘What’s your Klout score?’ than the actual score itself). But there are still hundreds of articles about how influential your Klout score can be in daily life (here’s a particularly poignant one about someone missing out on a job opportunity due to having a low Klout score). Social aspects aside, that’s not my huge concern right now.  What I’m most interested in right now is WHY IS MY KLOUT SCORE DECREASING (from a high of 47)?

Like a jealous teenage girl with braces, I can’t help but wonder why Klout doesn’t like me. I’m doing everything it wants, in fact, maybe that’s the problem? Klout themselves say about their ranking algorithm:

Influence is the ability to drive action and is based on quality, not quantity. When someone engages with your content, we assess that action in the context of the person’s own activity. These principles form the basis of our PeopleRank algorithm which determines your Score based on:

  • how many people you influence,
  • how much you influence them and
  • how influential they are.

This sounds great, ranking based on influence on certain topics. But if you’re like me (lucky you), you use different platforms for different reason and to be influential on different subjects. For instance, I post about entrepreneurship, startups, tech, web dev and all that juicy stuff on Twitter, while I reserve Facebook for posting cute puppy videos to my friends’ walls. Klout say “Connect more for a more accurate score”. Yes, it’s a catchy rhyme, but put these two variables into a scoring equation and then suddenly you have a widely skewed view of who someone is and what they’re influential about.

So this is what I’m doing. I’m removing every platform (expect Twitter) from my Klout account and I’m going to see what happens. Twitter is the only platform I really spend any considerably ‘professional’ time on, and I’m not about to start using my Facebook to spam my friends about stuff they just don’t care about to get my Klout score up (I’m not that guy, promise). Oh, and I’m definitely not going to start using my G+ to do anything other than +1 stuff (though give it time, it will take over the world… in about 5 years). I’m also going to remove my LinkedIn account as well because I don’t post enough on it to be considered to be influential about anything of significance.

I’ll come back to this post in a month or so and see how my score has improved or declined and then try to figure out WHY (only if it declined… if it improves… I’m going to fall into an ignorant reverie and you’ll hear no more).

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