Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Double Flap  Reviews

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Double Flap Reviews

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls is extra insulated, cold weather dog door with aluminum frame. It is telescoping tunnel with locking cover.

The sizes are Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. White, Tan, and Black color options are available..

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Double Flap | Extra Insulated & Cold Weather Dog Door | Aluminum Frame, Telescoping Tunnel, & Locking Cover | Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large | White, Tan, Black
8.72/10By Endura Flap

Best features:

  • ✔ FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION: A through wall pet door or cat
  • ✔ SAVE ON YOUR ENERGY BILL: Award winning double flap
  • ✔ INSTALLS RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX: Our simple to
  • ✔ BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR PURCHASE: Endura Flap pet doors

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Double Flap | Extra Insulated & Cold Weather Dog Door | Aluminum Frame, Telescoping Tunnel, & Locking Cover | Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large | White, Tan, Black specs

Color Black
Prime Status Yes
Warranty -
Brand Endura Flap
Pricing From $669.99
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Our Rating 8.72/10

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Double Flap Reviews

We have analysed 651 global ratings reviews of Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls Double Flap at Amazon. Out of 651 global ratings by verified buyers, 80% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 3% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, Second time purchaser. BUY IT!!!!

Ive installed a total of 3 dog doors and 2 have been this model (endura flap). I switched from my original dog door to the endura flap due to moving the door from a covered patio location to a wall that had no coverage from the elements. I live in Phoenix and needed a door that could keep the heat out and wouldnt deteriorate due to the sun beating on it. The dual flap does not disapoint. I have 3 dogs that range from 15-50 lbs and i use the medium door (8x14). None of my dogs have an issue using it. The magnets hold up very well in a monsoon but allow my smallest dog to get out with no problems. Ive never had any water issues and the door is on an exterior wall with absolutely no covering. The other amazing thing about this door is that both my houses that I installed this on had 2x6 framing with 3/4 drywall, and stucco and the tunnel had no issues spanning the interior of the wall. Pretty easy to install, I only needed my husband as a spare set of hands but other than that I was able to do this on my own.

And, top critical/negative review said, Bomber doors, overpriced for putting a hole in your wall

As everyone else seems to concur the flaps and door frames on these are amazing very happy with the tight seal and strength of magnets. I may actually have to remove some to get my timid 50lb border collie/ aus. Shepard through it with ease. After painstakingly researching every dog door option I kept coming back to this, it may be the only quality option for folks in cold climates. I went with the large double flap. If you're putting a hole in your wall double should be the only option you consider. I will also commend endura for providing clear instructions, and video. It's definitely something you want to think through thoroughly before opening up your wall. I'd say the concept of the installation is reasonable, but the tunnel design is flawed. They have you folding a piece of aluminum sheeting together to sit inside your exterior wall, and the edge of the tunnel mates with the exterior door, where the highest likelyhood of water infiltration is to occur. The design should mate to the inside, and allow access to seal from that side. The amount of silicone included is laughable, I used about 2 tubes silicone and 1 of Caulk for around the exterior when all said and done. Once tunnel was mounted, I sealed all around the exterior seams, then along the interior. However, as some contractors who have also reviewed this mention, a waterproof membrane like tar backed aluminum (window or door seal ) tape or roof membrane would be much more trust worthy installed around the tunnel. The sides of the tunnel were flopping around rather loosely, so I put a couple of 1/2" metal screws into the center door channel to tighten it up. I also opted to cut back my siding so that the exterior door sat flush on the sheathing, and put a "z-trim" flashing above like you might over a door or window. I would like to see a stouter bolt and locknut on the threaded rods, a carriage bolt would do nicely, and is theft proof if they face out. Be warned- the threaded rods are flimsy, and bend easily. For 450$$, I would expect stainless steel top quality hardware, not something as lightweight as provided. My final critiques on design would be in regards to the gap inside your wall left around the tunnel. If the threaded rods could be enclosed in their own housing, a can of great stuff would solve this in a jiffy, but you need to sight and align through that gap to pull the 2 doors tight, the foam would block line of sight. I cheated a little by cutting my hole tighter on the top and bottom, but due to where the rods go through, you can't really cut much less than the template, so there's about a 1" gap on either side, that I ended up filling with pipe wrap insulation. The weather stripping provided is pathetic for the money you spend. If a bigger channel and thicker piece of material was provided, it would be adequate, but keep in mind, if you follow the template perfectly, you will still have very little of the frame bearing on the int&ext walls to hold it in place and seal. Overall, since metal is a thermal bridge, I expect the aluminum tunnel and frame to frost inside and condensate, when it gets below zero, which may cause some damage, we're gonna just wait and see this winter. This is for the record, the nicest dog door I 've installed (have done several), but for the High likelyhood that I will be dealing with water damage and loss of insulation in the products lifetime for such an expensive door, I would expect more.( Hence 3*) Probably $500 into it with the extra materials cited.

Endura Flap Pet Door Double Flap Wall Mount Best Extra Insulated All Weather Energy Efficien Reviews


The Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls is a great way to keep your dog safe and warm during cold weather. It's extra insulated, has a double flap design, and is aluminum frame with telescoping tunnel.

The locking cover is also small, medium, or large to fit your pet's size. The Endura Flap Pet Door is available in white, tan, or black and is the perfect solution for your pet's safety and comfort..

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