Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e – Small Flap (6″ x 11″) Reviews

Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e – Small Flap (6″ x 11″) Reviews

This Endura flap pet door thermometer is a perfect way to keep your pet safe and comfortable. The thermometer is white aluminum frame with a black screen.

It measures 6x11 inches and has a height range of 93 to 96 inches. This thermometer is easy to use, just place it against the door and wait for the reading to appear.

You can also set the alarm to warn you if the temperature drops below a certain level..

Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e - Small Flap (6" x 11"), Height Range (93.25" - 96.25") White Aluminum Frame
8.72/10By Endura Flap

Best features:

  • ✔ FLAP SIZES… Multiple flap sizes: Small 6"w x 11"h;
  • ✔ SLIDER WIDTHS & HEIGHTS... All require a track at
  • ✔ STRONG ALUMINIUM FRAME AND LoE GLASS… Dual layer magnetically
  • ✔ AWARD-WINNING ENERGY EFFICIENCY… Our patio panel pet doors keep

Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e - Small Flap (6" x 11"), Height Range (93.25" - 96.25") White Aluminum Frame specs

Color White
Prime Status Yes
Warranty Patio pacific thermo panel iiie small flap 93. 25-96. 25, white frame.
Brand Endura Flap
Pricing From $519.99
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Our Rating 8.72/10

Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e – Small Flap (6″ x 11″) Reviews

We have analysed 267 global ratings reviews of Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e - Small Flap (6" x 11") at Amazon. Out of 267 global ratings by verified buyers, 61% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 9% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, Once Properly Fitted It Works Perfectly.

We have three dogs, and live in a second floor condo, so we needed a way to let them out on the back deck where we keep all the stuff they use to go to the bathroom. This worked perfectly.

I have gone to extensive lengths to properly insulate and make my house energy efficient, very few dog doors that aren't directly built into a wall or door work to keep an airtight seal between the outside and inside of the house so as to maintain this sort of efficiency.

If you have a modern house that is well constructed with an energy efficient HVAC system, and don't want to make permanent modifications to your doors or walls to accomodate your dogs, but have a sliding glass door, this is a perfect product.

It comes with some weather stripping, although I would reccomend having some additional on hand so that you can insure all areas are covered in case of mistakes, or the need of additional layers. It looks like it's part of the house once properly installed and stripped. The key to it's success is the fact that the dog door itself is a dual layered plastic door, and the lining around the door is an aluminum seal which the magnets inside the dual layered plastic adhere to, creating a solid seal around the entire outside of the dog door, preventing drafts from coming into the house, or the wind from blowing it open.

The one downside to this design is it requires a 'little' extra force to start the door open. My 11 lb Alaskan Klee Klai had no problem opening it though, so it's not prohibitive for smaller dogs, although our 50 lb Dalmation was disturbed by the resistance and took about a month to get used to using the door, though once used to it it worked easily.

The magnets can be removed temporarily while dogs get used to the door so they don't cause this problem, and they can be added one at a time so that the resistance is slowly built up instead of suddenly. In addition looking up dog training tricks will help getting a particularly sensitive dog used to the door. You can shape train them by propping the door open, and using a pillow case, which you slowly bring lower and lower until it covers the door, adding further pillow cases if the door is still too problematic to increase the resistance and weigh in graduations, until eventually they are ready for the doors, and then the magnets.

The point is while training the house may not be airtight, but once the dog is fully trained the house is completely sealed if properly built, and there are few products out there that are this easy to assemble, provide that luxury, and don't require permanent house modifications.


3 Month Follow Up:

The door works well still, and a few tips for owners not quite getting the fit they want. For one I highly reccomend getting some 'thick compressible' weather stripping for the outside of the door on the right and left, it allow for a much more airtight seal. Look up the instructions for properly setting and angling the door, so that it's perfectly aligned with your sliding glass door, and then allow the top spring based compression 'fitting' to do the work for you when you firmly push it against the wall side of the door, to seal it, then locking it in place by tighting the two hand screws.

If you want to ensure a proper fit every time, and you frequently need to 'slide' the dog door for any reason, I reccomend just loosening the hand screws each time, sliding it, and then when you close it tightening them again. For people with wider sliders and nothing in front of the whole length of the window, this shouldn't be necessary since you should never have to move the dog door after its in place.

As a side note, the door is obviously quite expensive, but if you ever need replacement parts they are available, and they are very affordable from their site. I figured this out when my Alaskan Klee Kai puppy decided that the plastic and magnets on the door made a good chew toy and spent an hour tearing them apart when I wasn't looking. I quickly correct that behavior, replaced the door, and all is good now. I think it goes without saying that 'any' dog product can be destroyed by a properly motivated heavy chewer if they want, so it's kind of ridiculous to hold this against the manufacturer (It implies all dog products should be made exclusively out of stainless steel, shatter and bullet proof glass, and high grade ballistics kevlar, which while effective at preventing damage from chewing is also totally insane).

Still a solid 5/5.

And, top critical/negative review said, NOT made for cold weather climates!

Overall, the door was easy to install and looks good once installed. Ours came fully assembled. We spent the extra money on this door due to its claim to be great for cold weather and that it is “highly insulated.” This is NOT a door for cold weather climates!! It leaks cold air horribly. Our weather has has gotten as low as 15 degrees so far in the 1 month of owning it, and this door claims to protect against weather as low as -40 degrees and up to 50 mph winds. Clearly that is 100% false information. We used the weather stripping provided, and also had to purchase more weather stripping to help the leakage, but it still leaks. After installing everything to make the door less “leaky,” the sliding glass door is essentially unusable due to so much weather stripping being added everywhere. The door has dual-pane glass, and there has been cold air that leaks around it and also around the dog door opening. In the mornings, there has been frost built up on the metal between the top of the dog door opening and the bottom of the glass (this is with the locking cover in place all night). The locking mechanism that came with it did not fit on our vinyl sliding door track, so we have had to make our own wedge to keep the door as tightly closed as possible. To add to the frustration, there were also missing screws upon arrival, but thankfully we had some random extra screws that fit to hold the guides in place. For the high price of this dog door insert, and the amount of extra cost you have to put into making it “semi-weatherproof,” it is not worth the $500.

Durability Test & Review: Endura Flap


The Endura Flap Pet Door Thermo Panel 3e - Small Flap 6" x 11" Height Range 93" to 96" is a small flap door that is made out of white aluminum. This pet door is 93" to 96" in height and has a width of 6" x 11".

It is perfect for a small flap door height range of 93" to 96"..

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