Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence  Reviews

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence Reviews

The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence 2 Dog Kit is perfect for your furry friend. This fence is made of heavy duty materials and comes with a maximum duty wire for ultimate performance and reliability.

This fence is also easy to set up, so you can get started immediately..

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence - 2 Dog Kit - 1000 Feet of Heavy Duty -Plus Maximum Duty Wire for Ultimate Performance and Reliability
9.66/10By Extreme Dog Fence

Best features:

  • Elite: The eXtreme Dog Fence MAX GRADE KIT Covers Up
  • Waterproof and Submersible: Most Other Inground Dog Fence Systems Claim
  • Max Grade Fence Kit Includes: 14 Gauge-Plus 60 Mil Wire,
  • Guarantee: This Underground Dog Fence Comes with a 10 Year
  • Made in U.S.A.: These Electric Fences for Dogs Are Proudly

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence - 2 Dog Kit - 1000 Feet of Heavy Duty -Plus Maximum Duty Wire for Ultimate Performance and Reliability specs

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Our Rating 9.66/10

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence Reviews

We have analysed 325 global ratings reviews of Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence at Amazon. Out of 325 global ratings by verified buyers, 71% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 9% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, Great system

Just finished installing and using the Max Grade 1000 Ft. system. The system itself is nice, the cable is quality, and it is all made in the USA. I docked one star for the lack of directions in the box (Had to go to the website) and the crappy "power surge protector". Keep reading for my complete review.

I purchased the Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Ultimate, which is just fancy for saying it came with the 14 AWG fence wire with a 60 mil jacket, and 50 feet of 18 AWG twisted wire. All products shown in the picture came without any issues or defects. What the box was lacking was complete instructions on how to use the product. Thank goodness for Youtube in some cases. If you go to the manufacturer's website they have a nice "manual" with tons of info. Would of been great to have that in the box. The few pieces of paper that were in the box had spelling issues to, which I found funny. (That is how you know they are from the USA, too lazy to proof read) The collar I got was "Active" which was perfect. If you are buying, be sure you are getting the system with the correct collar; there are three different types with "Active" being the best for 88% of dogs.

The 1000 ft of wire I got was on a spool and of great quality. The jacket (60 mil in my case) was free of any defects and tough. Great manufactured wire overall.

The panel is nice and small and the cover is easily removed (no instructions, but easy to figure out). Again, no instructions on how to connect it up, but if you look online or at their silly drawing, you can figure it out. No ground wire, but not needed if you are using their surge protector that comes with the Ultimate system.

This brings me to the surge protector, this is one of the biggest reasons I took away a gold star. Compared to the rest of the product, it is a joke. They could of spent a few more pennies to put much better wire connectors on this thing. Wires fall out if anyone breaths on them, including any gravity so be sure to use wire ties and other stuff to remove ALL pressure or you will find some of your wires out. I mean, these things are worse than bad, they want to come out rather than to stay in. The size of this unit is also way to big for its own good. Anyway, it is what it is.

The collar is.. well a collar with an electronic shocker thingy. It is "OK" not great, not bad. It takes a 6v Lithium Ion battery that is not rechargeable. They were sure to include documentation about how they make special ones for it, so do not try to buy another brand, rather buy theirs so they can jack the price up. Again, it is what it is, just know this. They do not tell you which direction to install it in the collar (collar is not marked), but if you follow "normal" battery methods, the negative goes in first with the positive on the cap side. The battery comes in the box, not preinstalled. No directions on how to install, but hey, at least it isn't hard to figure out. It works or it does not. (Flat head screwdriver, undo the port, install battery negative side first).

After you get everything hooked up, you will find they lose the other half of the gold star for again, no instructions on how to program the collar. The good part of his system is that you can program an unlimited amount of collars all with different settings for different pets. If the battery dies, I am not sure if it retains this info, because mine hasn't died yet, so I can not weigh in on that. To program a collar, you must have the collar in hand and be next to the panel, hold both buttons for ~4 seconds to get in collor program mode, choose your level (depending on your collar type, again mine is active, the levels mean something different), then hit set with the collar right next to the panel to set it. Know that your collar most likely ships with it on the highest shock level.. strange. I would of thought it would come on beep only, but who knows...

Lastly, install time. I see other posts saying it takes half a day. I will say it greatly depends on how long your run is, the terrain you are going across, and just how good of job you want to do. It took me 3 days, 7 hours a day. I chose to burry ~750 feet with a shovel (going through mostly woods, so could not use a machine). I knocked a hole in my foundation to get the twisted wire to my basement where I installed the panel and power. It would of been a lot quicker though if I had just thrown the cable on the ground and came out my kitchen window, then again, I am OCD and things need to be right or not at all. You know what is best for you. This was hard work, and I am glad it is over, but it works very well.

Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes, but I would like to see the manufacture correct their spelling errors on the few papers they give you and include the real manual rather than making people go online for it. At the VERY least, include a paper that says, go online here 'URL' to see the manual. Lastly, spend a few more pennies to give us a surge protector with real wire connectors... please. (Directed at the supplier, not the consumer).

And, top critical/negative review said, A broken dream

I so wanted this wireless fence to be the answer to my dog enclosure woes, but alas it was not to be. Out of the box, most of the components seemed to be solidly made and my hopes grew. I spent several hours over a couple days creating the invisible perimeter. After preparing approximately 1200 feet of wire, the excitement grew as we hoped to multiply our dogs’ playground by several increments. We hooked up all the electronics and heard the correct beeps and saw the correct flashes. We checked to see if the vibration worked at the set distance from the wire and we were ready to train our dogs. We put them on leashes with just vibration, then we moved up to low level charges. Sadly, the fence was hit or miss. It worked pretty good in some spots and not at all in others. One dog would heed the shocks in the areas it did work, but our second dog never was affected no matter the level of shock. We traded collars, we traded short prongs for long prongs all to no avail. The sad ending to the story was that after spending roughly $650 on this system and many, many hours attempting to rectify the issues, I had to go back and spend even more money and time to build a traditional fence, which I desperately wanted to avoid. Now, I have a $650 broken dream in my garage and a sour taste in my mouth. Please do not spend your hard earned money on this system. Even though I bought the top of the line offering, it simply did not work.

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This Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Electric Dog Fence - 2 Dog Kit is a top quality fence that is sure to protect your dogs. With a 1000 foot length and maximum duty wire, this fence is sure to give you the best possible performance..

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