Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter Reviews

Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter Reviews

The Filled Dog Bones by Dog for Dog is a great way to give your dog a delicious treat that will keep them chewing for hours. These bones come in a variety of flavors, including peanut butter, beef, cheese, bacon, and more.

They are made in the USA and are filled with a delicious beef filling. They are small enough for dogs to easily swallow, making them an ideal choice for smaller dogs or those who want a discreet treat..

Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, Beef, etc.) Made in USA Stuffed Bulk 3 to 6" Femur Dog Dental Treats & Chews, American Made (Beef Filling, Small (3") - 250 Pack)
9.8/10By Pawstruck

Best features:

  • Our Beefy Filled bones for dogs are Made in the
  • Each white femur bone is approximately 3 inches long and
  • Dog dental care is important! These natural dog dental bone
  • If you're worried about cost, we've got your back! We
  • Support a Small Business - Pawstruck is owned and operated

Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, Beef, etc.) Made in USA Stuffed Bulk 3 to 6" Femur Dog Dental Treats & Chews, American Made (Beef Filling, Small (3") - 250 Pack) specs

Color White
Prime Status Yes
Warranty -
Brand Pawstruck
Pricing From $852.95 ($3.41 / Count)
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Our Rating 9.8/10

Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter Reviews

We have analysed 4,094 global ratings reviews of Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter at Amazon. Out of 4,094 global ratings by verified buyers, 72% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 5% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, 4 Paws up! My dogs LOVE them

I have 2 large dogs who LOVE THESE.
A Great Pyrenees mix who’s a skinny 80lbs and a lab/terrier mix who’s a chunky 50lbs. They both love bones and can REALLY chew through them quickly so I’m really picky about what I buy them.

Here is what is important to me and how I rate and choose bones. These are my comments on this bone set specifically:

Do they break/splinter?
-They don’t splinter, I have seen smaller pieces that have broken off and when the bone gets down to the end (but this is normal with bones) at which point those pieces can be thrown away. I have never had an issue with them choking, being too small or hurting my dogs though and they are aggressive chewers so I could see this happening with some dogs and never happening with others. 4/5 stars for this.

Do they smell/leave stains on the carpet?
-Nope! No odor and they actually leave my dogs breath smelling better and their teeth cleaner! 5/5 stars

Does it upset my dog’s stomach? (My bigger guy can’t tolerate a LOT of things, he vomits often and also gets diarrhea if he eats the “wrong” thing so I have to be very cautious.)
-NOT at all! No upset tummies. This is always very, very important to me. Make sure you have lots of water nearby for your pups though, these will make them very thirsty. 5/5 stars

Do they hurt my dogs tongue, mouth or teeth?
-Nope, no issues with this. They’re able to gnaw into these aggressively without hurting themselves. 5/5 stars

Are they gone in 2 seconds?
-No! I’m always worried the “stuffed” bones will be left in the dust after the stuffing is all gone but my dogs will still keep chewing on these after the stuffing is gone. They still enjoy the bones and they last for quite some time, weeks at minimum. I can also stick some peanut butter or other treats back in the middle after they get the original stuffing all out of them to “reuse” them if it seems like they’re getting a little bored with them. 5/5 stars

-They love them. 5/5 stars

-Great and totally affordable. $20 for 3 of them.. so less than $7/bone. This is comparable to a bone from the pet store and these last a lot longer than something you would find there in the “fresh” grocery-store-like-section of the pet stores.

I’m an avid review reader, especially when it comes to items for my fur babies because I want the best for them. I truly love these bones and will keep buying them.

I will continue to buy these!

And, top critical/negative review said, Cracked tooth

My dog loved these bones so much I sent in photos of her enjoying them... then two days later she had a cracked tooth and needed anesthesia to have it removed. It cost us $1500. The dental specialist informed us that we shouldn’t give our dogs any bone that our nails can’t make an imprint on. Protect your pups!

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Many people enjoy the flavors of Filled Dog Bones, Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, and Beef. Made in the USA, these skeletal treats are stuffed with flavorful beef and are small enough for dogs to easily chew.

They make a great gift for your furry friend!.

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