Master Equipment Grooming Table w/48In Grooming Arm Reviews

Master Equipment Grooming Table w/48In Grooming Arm Reviews

The Master Equipment Grooming Table is a 48in grooming arm with a 24in blue blade. The grooming arm has a padded handle at the top, a round metal base, and a durable plastic stand.

This grooming arm is perfect for use in your salon or home. It is easy to move and adjust, and it is perfect for grooming smaller animals such as dogs and cats..

Master Equipment Grooming Table w/48In Grooming Arm, 48x24In Blue
8/10By Master Equipment

Best features:

  • Portable Design – Perfect for mobile groomers and salon-owners alike,
  • Practical Features – Features an easy-to-clean, non-slip pebbled rubber surface
  • Sturdy Construction – Made with goal-post style legs made of
  • Comes with Free Extras – Includes a clamp-on style .75-inch
  • Three Sizes Available – Three size options are available ranging

Master Equipment Grooming Table w/48In Grooming Arm, 48x24In Blue specs

Color Blue
Prime Status No
Warranty -
Brand Master Equipment
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Our Rating 8/10

Master Equipment Grooming Table w/48In Grooming Arm Reviews

We have analysed 343 global ratings reviews of Master Equipment Grooming Table w/48In Grooming Arm at Amazon. Out of 343 global ratings by verified buyers, 78% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 3% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, Great height, super easy set up, sturdy

I spent a lot of time comparing grooming tables before buying this one. I have a wheaten terrier who requires daily brushing and regular cuts. It is so much easier to lift her on the table and brush her out than get down on the floor and do it where she can get up and run away. She can't get away on the table and it is so much easier on my back. It makes it easier to clip her nails also. So, I'm really getting daily use out of this table. When it comes to cutting her hair, it would be impossible without the table because she is still young and likes to wiggle around, etc. The table is just the right height for me (5'8") and was very easy to set up. All you have to do is unfold the legs and lock them, then screw the arm on. The arm does adjust up and down for the height of your dog. I like that the top is comfortable for her to stand on and is anti-static, so the hair just wipes right off or vacuums off. I have enough space in my bathroom to leave this up all the time, since I'm using it so often. However, if you need to store it away between uses it would be super easy to just fold the legs down flat. The only other thing you'd have to do is screw the arm off. I'd highly recommend this table.

And, top critical/negative review said, Not the best but gets the job done

2 stars because mine arrived with a plastic piece to the arm broken and it hurts my hand terribly whenever I try to adjust it. Amazon worked it out to refund me for the cost of a new arm. I'm a professional groomer but use this at home for my personal dogs. It's not a bad table, but not for heavy use. My English bulldog fits perfectly. My standard poodles but now (at 4 months old) but will outgrow this before they turn a year. It's not convenient for large dogs anyhow unless you have a ramp because lifting them up sucks! And just an FYI ramps don't usually work, most dogs are petrified to walk up a ramp. Some people have successfully trained their personal dog to use ramps, but most haven't. All in all if you have a medium or smaller size dog (50 lbs and under) and use this for touch ups in between real grooms then this is a good table for you. If you buy this planning to use it for dogs over 50 lbs and/or for daily heavy usage then you will not be satisfied and your back will break.

Master Equipment Foldable Grooming Arm ~ Unboxing~


The Master Equipment Grooming Table is a great addition to any grooming business. It has a 48x24in grooming arm, making it ideal for larger animals.

The table also has a blue finish, which makes it look professional and sleek..

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