PETSWORLD Great Dane Dog Training Pads 36×36 Reviews

PETSWORLD Great Dane Dog Training Pads 36×36 Reviews

PETSWORLD Dog Training Pads are the perfect training aids for your Great Dane. Made of durable, high-quality fabric, these pads help keep your pet secure and prevent them from slipping and falling.

They're also made to absorb shocks, preventing injuries to your dog. Plus, they're easy to clean and maintain - simply machine or hand-wash them in cold water and air dry..

PETSWORLD Great Dane Dog Training Pads 36x36-2400 Pads

Best features:

  • 2400-SUPER GIGANTIC heavy-duty pet and puppy training pads; thicker and
  • 5-LAYERS with super-absorbent wee pad quilted top layer to prevent
  • QUICK-DRY: surface with a special technology that turns liquid into
  • WON`T LEAK OR SPREAD: powerful absorbent core with Quick-dry guarantee
  • EACH PAD measures 36 by 36 inches (LxW), potty training

PETSWORLD Great Dane Dog Training Pads 36x36-2400 Pads specs

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Prime Status Yes
Warranty -
Pricing From $1,596.99 ($0.67 / Count)
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Our Rating 9.66/10

PETSWORLD Great Dane Dog Training Pads 36×36 Reviews

We have analysed 1,433 global ratings reviews of PETSWORLD Great Dane Dog Training Pads 36x36 at Amazon. Out of 1,433 global ratings by verified buyers, 87% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 2% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, BIGEST PADS OUT THERE !

Hi. We love the PETSWORLD Great Dane's Training Giant Pads, 36x36 inch. I raise Siberian Huskies. When we have a litter, we practically "carpet" the puppy area from week 2 on. We do decrease the pads as they become better at seeking them out. I find them absorbent and haven't had problems with them leaking out when picked up. The edging is often damp, but let's face it; it takes a while before the puppies can position themselves with the "right" end over the pad.
I buy these by the case load. I have an older female who doesn't have the best bladder control. The pads work well with her. Again, no leaking out.
YES I will buy again.

And, top critical/negative review said, Less than Worthless.

If I could give these things a negative star, I would!
After Doctors Foster and Smith went out of business, I went on a search to replace their "extra large piddle pads" which were great for my aging Yorkie, aging minature Poodle plus my in-training Yorkie pup. When I saw Great Dane size and the five layers, I thought SOLD!
Yeah, bad move.
I have to use TWO of these pads stacked on top of each other EACH DAY. I cannot "forget" to change them or they become so saturated they bleed through BOTH to the floor below and I'm not only picking up two 36x36 pads but am cleaning the mess on the floor--thank goodness it is laminate and not carpet!
Do not try these, they are less than worthless.


Petsworld Great Dane Dog Training Pads are the perfect way to train your great dane. The 36x36-2400 pads are made of durable and soft fleece material that will not cause irritation or rubbing on your dog's skin.

The pads also come with a Velcro closure for easy installation and removal..

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