Places you should visit atleast once in Burlington, VT

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From weathervanes, quilts and American art to transplanted 1950s-era homes, a railroad station and a fully outfitted..


Shelburne Museum

Burlington, VT

Located just outside Burlington is the one and only Ben & Jerry's Factory where the famous ice cream is manufactured

Ben & Jerry's


Burlington, VT

Church Street Marketplace is the place to be in Burlington: a car-free walkway buzzing with the town's offbeat vibe


Church Street Marketplace

Burlington, VT

Did you know that Vermont boasts the most breweries per capita of anywhere in the United States? What's more, there is a powerhouse group of breweries..

Burlington Breweries


Burlington, VT

Right off of the city's Main Street, the Waterfront neighborhood is a lovely place to spend the afternoon with the kids..



Burlington, VT

Nestled in the heart of the bustling Waterfront neighborhood, ECHO – a science and nature museum – makes an attractive pit stop for young families

ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain


Burlington, VT

Located approximately 19 miles southeast of downtown Burlington, the Green Mountain Audubon Center is a must-see for..


Green Mountain Audubon Center

Burlington, VT

Part of the University of Vermont, the Fleming Museum of Art shelters a collection of art from around the world

Fleming Museum of Art


Burlington, VT

As the former home of one of Vermont's more eccentric founding fathers, the Ethan Allen Homestead is a must-visit for..


Ethan Allen Homestead

Burlington, VT

When you're in the mood for a show, look no further than the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts


Burlington, VT