Places you should visit atleast once in Cambridge, MA

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Iconic Harvard Square, a bustling epicenter of Cambridge, is packed with quirky boutiques, bookstores, restaurants,..


Harvard Square

Cambridge, MA

One of the world's most famous universities, Harvard has been educating students since the 17th century

Harvard University


Cambridge, MA

The world-famous Blaschka Glass Flowers receive a lot of attention at this museum – and rightly so – but there are a..


Harvard Museum of Natural History

Cambridge, MA

Founded in 1861, MIT's emphasis on science and technology is clearly seen in its amazing architecture and sculptures

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Cambridge, MA

The Harvard Art Museums are the combination of the formerly separate Busch-Reisinger, Fogg and Arthur M


Harvard Art Museums

Cambridge, MA

For anyone curious about what the creative minds at MIT are up to, the MIT Museum is a great place to explore

MIT Museum


Cambridge, MA

This beautiful and peaceful 175-acre cemetery was the country's first "garden cemetery" when it opened in 1831 and it's..


Mount Auburn Cemetery

Cambridge, MA

This house has witnessed a lot of history

Longfellow House Washington's Headquarters


Cambridge, MA

This museum focuses on Native American and Central and South American cultures


Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

Cambridge, MA

Something of a hidden gem, the Harvard Semitic Museum, founded in 1889, boasts more than 40,000 Near Eastern artifacts, mostly from museum-sponsored..

Harvard Semitic Museum


Cambridge, MA