Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair  Reviews

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Reviews

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is designed for large dogs 70-180 pounds. This wheelchair is veterinarian approved and is perfect for back legs.

The walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is easy to assemble, makes mobility easy and helps keep your dog comfortable and supported..

9.48/10By Walkin' Wheels

Best features:

  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED - Many Veterinary professionals have spoken about the

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Large Dogs 70-180 Pounds - Veterinarian Approved - Dog Wheelchair for Back Legs specs

Color Camouflage
Prime Status Yes
Warranty -
Brand Walkin' Wheels
Pricing From $524.00 ($524.00 / Count)
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Our Rating 9.48/10

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Reviews

We have analysed 526 global ratings reviews of Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair at Amazon. Out of 526 global ratings by verified buyers, 70% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 10% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, Minor flaws but worth the extra $$$

I took my time writing this since I wanted to see how this product holds up. And after close to a year, I can report that it does great with only a few minor flaws. Background: my 12-year old 80-lb. German Shepherd (born with dislocated hips but adapted early on but still able to hike with us when younger) slipped on our wood stairs coming down and was suddenly 95% paralyzed. We had to take her out with a support strap for bathroom breaks and at one point, we stayed downstairs during the night to make sure that she didn't have any accidents (she didn't). Two vets told us that such wheelchair "carts" don't work and suggested we place her through water therapy or actual physical therapy. We decided to ignore that advice and purchase this cart; our dog loved her daily walks and frankly, toting her around with a support strap, even around the block, was rather difficult. So why THIS cart? After reading many reviews, we found that trying to save money on less expensive carts proved a regret for many buyers, even if this was double the price of most. Besides, an initial water therapy session was $165 with many follow-ups so after about three visits we'd have paid for the cart. Assembly was quite easy and once the first day was over, our dog readily got used to the new "legs." The bar in back allowed her tail to drape over the top and bathroom breaks were readily accomplished with no fuss. The key thing to remember is to get the side bars level with your dog's shoulders but the many adjustment buttons make this a snap; and once accomplished you won't have to adjust any further. Before long, our dogs front haunches became stronger and stronger, and we began to see her ankles twitch, then her knees (over a period of a month or so), as if subconsciously walking...her mood brightened considerably.

So, what were/are the flaws? First, the support harness is stitched a bit awkwardly and broke a bit sooner than expected, something I remedied by taking it to a shoe repair site and $10 later, emerged with heavy duty stitching throughout; do this and it will save you the hassle of having it break in the middle of a walk and leaving you stranded (after all, this harness gets about 90% of the tension). The belly support is optional (but included) and our dog got used to it rather quickly even though she is rather slim (made her feel a bit more supported). The reads on the foam wheels that come with it will wear out super fast but if you don't mind smooth wheels, they'll do just fine (it actually proved easier for our dog to move over bumps in lawn edges and such). Our "D" ring broke after about 6 months (the harness clips into these) but the company graciously sent out two replacements for free. And finally, place some reflective strips on the back edges; we found that walking at night made our dog almost invisible as cars are not expecting a dog in a wheelchair. The reflective strips made her cart stand out as we crossed streets and edged over sidewalks. All in all, just bite the bullet and pay the extra couple of hundred...it's your pup and this cart takes a lot of abuse; the tweaks we did were minor and will make your cart last even longer and ours has toppled, bounced around in our car, and as light as it is, still come through like a trooper. As an end note, our dog has regained about 75% of her ability to walk, crab-like but gets around the yard and does her business fine...even making it up the four steps of our deck on her own; likely her front chest muscles have become far stronger to compensate for her weakened back legs. Both vets who initially discouraged us are quite surprised but also taking a new look at recommending these carts for such injuries.

And, top critical/negative review said, returns will rip you off.

The product itself is fine. Past the buttons for sizing stick and that was complicated. My dog wasn't a great candidate due to growths under is back legs. I had to have multiple back and forth just to get the return process started. Them trying to sell me on other products i didnt need.

I scored 1 for value for money because I paid a 90 dollar restocking fee after paying 70 dollars to return the item. I knew return shipping would be on me (no idea it was going to cost 70 bucks) but to be out 160 dollars over a return is ridiculous. I would have made a profit reselling this on eBay. That's almost half of what I paid!

I needed that money for my dogs medical care but apparently someone made 90 bucks for putting the box back. Just seems like bad customer service when the only reason I returned it was my dogs medical condition prevented his comfort. He was shaking when I had him in the chair. I'm not going to make my 14 year old dog that uncomfortable to the point on shaking and crying.

I feel ripped off and I hate that Because I respect what this company does for dogs. They just fell short on doing right for my dog.

Review Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair - for Large Dogs 70-180 Pounds 2022


If your dog is 70-180 pounds and you want to help them stay mobile and reduce the chances of developing painful back problems, then the Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair is the perfect choice for you! This wheelchair is designed specifically for large dogs and is approved by veterinarians, so you can be confident that your dog is getting the best care possible..

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