Weize 12v 100ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

Weize 12v 100ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Reviews

Throughout 2000 cycles at 100% and 8000 cycles at 50% depletion depth, LiFePO4 batteries exhibit no performance degradation. Because of the Battery Management System (BMS) included in Weize 12v 100ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery for improved performance and longer life, these batteries are more resistant to short-circuiting and other battery-damaging conditions. 

Because of the Battery Management System (BMS) included in Weize Li-iron Batteries for improved performance and longer life, these batteries are more resistant to short-circuiting and other battery-damaging conditions. 

With at least half the mass of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are an excellent upgrade for any 12V deep cycle battery and the perfect decision for many applications such as fish finders, ice climbing, camping, and solar system alarm systems for the home and e-scooters that operate in extreme temperatures. 

There should be no more than four batteries in series or parallel while charging the battery. Weize LiFePO4 battery has superior chemical stability, is less prone to thermal runaway, and would not overheat or catch fire even if pierced since it is made from 100 percent safe, nontoxic, and nonhazardous energy. Because the battery does not contain any acid, it may be mounted securely in any position.

Weize Lifepo4 batteries have the following benefits:

A Longer Lifespan and Less Degradation

Compared to other batteries, Weize Li-iron Batteries have a 1,000-10,000 cycle life. The discharge rate of lithium iron phosphate is outstanding, and it degrades less rapidly at higher temperatures. These batteries may be used in various situations thanks to their long life. After 2000 charging and discharging cycles, an average Weize Li-iron Battery retains 80% of its DOD.

No Harm To The Environment

Batteries made of lithium iron phosphate are safe for the environment since they do not contain any heavy metals. They are non-toxic, non-contaminating, and less expensive than other lithium-ion or polymer batteries.

Small And Light In Weight

Batteries made on lithium iron phosphate are small and powerful. They are light and don’t leave a lingering taste in the mouth. Priming is not necessary with lithium iron phosphate batteries, and they need less maintenance as a result. They quickly become a household name because of their compact size, lightweight, excellent temperature stability, and inexpensive cost.

A Safe & Efficient Workplace

Lithium iron phosphate is more efficient and safer because of its quick charging and no downtime. These batteries have a consistent discharge voltage and may discharge rapidly in a short period. 

Be Able To Handle Extreme Temperatures And Weather

It is possible to keep the battery cold even in scorching situations using these batteries. There are no thermal runaways or explosives in these devices.

Ample Storage and Useful in a Wide Range of Situations

Electronic equipment, military, medical, and electric motors employ lithium iron phosphate batteries. These batteries are a solid option for a low-cost battery replacement. These batteries are less expensive than LiPo or Li-ion cells because of their safe iron phosphate composition and no recycling process.

Weize Li-iron Battery’s Drawbacks:

  • Features – The low nominal voltage of these batteries means they use less energy.
  • As you become older, you have to deal with balance concerns, and they have a higher self-discharge rate than other batteries.
  • Weize Li-iron Battery need additional safety measures despite their low energy density.
  • These batteries are less efficient at low temperatures and require additional safeguards and attention.
  • Weize Li-iron Batteries are also susceptible to transportation and aging impacts.
  • Deep discharge and poor density are two of LPF’s limitations. Because of these problems, these batteries are not suitable for smart phones. LEVs (low emission vehicles) or electric bikes are the primary applications for these LFP batteries.


The BMS Is Already There:

Overcharging, deep discharging, overloading, and overheating are all prevented by the Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS prevents more than four batteries from connecting in series or parallel. Thus, only this battery should be used. Do not connect any other battery to avoid cell damage, regardless of brand or capacity.


About 26.4 lbs, which is less than a third of the weight of a typical lead-acid battery; ideal for RVs, marine, and off-grid applications.

Exceptional Cycle Counts:

More than a year’s shelf life; 2000-7000 cycles (only 200-500 cycles for a lead-acid battery) (lead-acid battery six months).

There Is No Leakage:

100% Maintenance-Free with 30-Day Return or Refund. Mounts in any direction because of acid inside.


The benefits and downsides of a Weize Li-ion Battery must be considered before purchasing. By doing so, you can save both money and time. Get an LFP battery from a reputable provider to prevent future quality issues.

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