Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

The Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board is perfect for stand up paddleboarding enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The board is made from high-quality materials and has a non-slip deck that helps keep you stable while you are paddling.

Additionally, the kayak seat is perfect for adding additional comfort to your experience. Finally, the 3-Year Warranty Provided guarantees that you will be able to use your board for years to come..

Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board, Stand Up Paddleboard with SUP Accessories Kayak Seat, Non-Slip Deck, for Adults Kids Dogs, 3-Year Warranty Provided
9.46/10By Zupapa

Best features:

  • [Over 350LBS Capacity ]: The Zupapa 11FT inflatable paddleboards supports
  • [Paddle or Kayak]: All the models come with a removable
  • [Full Anti-Skid EVA]: Zupapa paddleboards' deck are all covered with
  • [Easy to Carry]: All the accessories fit into the provided
  • [All Accessories Included]: 1 x Blow up Paddle Board, 1

Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board, Stand Up Paddleboard with SUP Accessories Kayak Seat, Non-Slip Deck, for Adults Kids Dogs, 3-Year Warranty Provided specs

Color blue
Prime Status Yes
Warranty -
Brand Zupapa
Pricing From $289.99
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Our Rating 9.46/10

Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews

We have analysed 385 global ratings reviews of Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board at Amazon. Out of 385 global ratings by verified buyers, 78% buyers gave 5 star rating out of 10 whereas 4% were not satisfied as they gave least (1 star out of 5).

Top positive review said, Zupapa 10 ft SUP - Best recreation purchase I have EVER made

I bought the Zupapa 10 foot inflatable stand up paddle board. It came with accessories that included a seat to turn it into a kayak. This was my first paddleboard purchase. And from the moment I first used it, I couldn’t stop thinking that it was probably my very best splurge purchase. I’m almost 50 years old, my kids who are 28, 23, 19, 15, and 12, have all used it. I LOVE IT. it is very easy to stand up on. I Enjoy sitting and “kayaking” on it. I’ve had it in the bay, in various rivers and creeks, in coves, in lagoons, and in natural springs. I’ve planned our entire summer around the water access to use this board wherever we were going
camping. The attached bungee cord and the various loops have made this board so versatile. We put a waterproof backpack filled with drinks on the front of the board under the bungee cord. The little back loop is perfect to connect inflatable inner tubes so I can paddle the kids around or tow them back to shore. The board inflated easily with the pump that was provided. However I attach the pump tube to a battery operated inflator until the board is mostly full. Then I use the hand pump to put in the last five or six pumps necessary to finish filling it. It is very easy to deflate. I recommend deflating the board to carry it back OUT of the water if you have to walk far. It is kind of big and awkward to carry when you’re already tired. However, in the awesome accessory package is a strap that you can Snap around both ends of the board and sling around your shoulder to help balance the weight- making this board able to be carried by one person. It is sturdy enough to hold two people out on the water. This makes is good for my child who is a bit afraid of being out on the water alone. The three fins are detachable. You can remove the two side fins and use the board as a beginner surfboard as well. I inadvertently got caught in the wake of a boat and noticed that I was almost surfing the wake. Very cool idea that I am going to try again. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the company has a fantastic warranty policy. I contacted them to buy some replacement parts. I lost a fin screw and the handle started to separate from the board. Their customer service rep Heather was so attentive that she followed up with me multiple times. Meaning that the Zupapa rep initiated all of the contact after my first email. I sent pictures of the problem I was having and they handled it quickly. They sent me the tracking information and when I did not contact them to notify them that I received the shipment, they reached out to me again to verify receipt. This board was so great that I bought two other boards for my kids the day after I first used my Zupapa board. This one was out of stock so I bought two others from two different manufacturers. I can review those others as well but the Zupapa is my favorite for sturdy-ness, EXCELLENT acccessory package and customer service. I have used it from Delaware to MD to VA to FL over the course of the summer. Best idea I ever had was buying this board instead of renting. Cost me $100 to rent a paddleboard for an hour for four people. Well worth the purchase. I’m still patting myself on the back for splurging on this board.

And, top critical/negative review said, Difficult to inflate

I purchased this with the thought that it would be easier to transport than my 50lb sit-on kayak and 35lb paddleboard. It is easier to transport, but it is very difficult to inflate. First, it takes forever and seems easy at first but SO hard to get it to the PSI you need. The button that is supposed to come up when you release the pump (so air won't escape) keeps getting stuck and air comes out in a big whoosh and I have to pump it up again. I tried using an electric pump but had to purchase an additional part for it to attach where you inflate it.
Once I finally got it pumped up, it was fine for using as a kayak and I like that I can just lay on the board due to the removable seat, but I cannot balance on it when I try using it as a paddleboard. I think b/c I can't get it to the proper PSI inflation, and it is very unsteady. So, it's useless to me as a paddleboard. It's difficult to use as a kayak in rougher water if you are a beginner. But I do like I can throw it on my back and take to the lake as a kayak. It's nice to be able to throw it on the boat and not have to drag a heavy kayak. I am disappointed in the purchase. Unable to return it b/c by the time I was able to get out and use it the time had lapsed for return. Also, on the first use, I noticed tiny bubble in the water and there is a pinpoint hole I have to patch. Kinda mad about that since it was literally straight out of the bag. NOTE: the middle section that holds the two paddles together DOES NOT float. I lost it when trying to change the paddle configuration to paddleboard paddle. Now I have to try to figure out how to replace that.

Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board Non Slip Deck Kayak Convertible for Adults


Zupapa Inflatable Paddle Board is a good option for those looking for an inflatable paddle board that can be used for SUP. The stand up paddle board has a non-slip deck that makes it stable, and the kayak seat makes it easy to get in and out of the boat.

The paddle board also comes with a three-year warranty..

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